Ready for the TRANSYLVANIAN NIGHT in White “ZORABIA 3.0” on 01.08.2024 in Sibiu

Get your tickets for the hottest warm-up party during the big Sachsentreffen. Be there, it will be legendary. The COMBOBAND will provide an unforgettable atmosphere!!! The Friends of Transylvania Association will provide drinks and cocktails.

Dresscode: All in white.

Admission: 6:30 pm

Start: 8 pm

Takes place in all weathers!

Adress: Zorabia Events, Strada Stefan Cel Mare, Sibiu, Romania

What awaits you?

COMBO BAND from Böblingen | Culinary specialities and drinks from Transylvania | Unforgettable pop nights under the open sky | Mega sunset over the whole of Sibiu | Refreshing cocktails from the Friends of Transylvania Association | Guest appearance by pop singer Agatha Singer | Special guest SUNRISE – Transylvania meets South Tyrol

Venue: Zorabia

The Zorabia location is 15 minutes from the city centre with the best view over the whole of Sibiu and the clearest sunset. Also known as Zorabia next to the riding arena. There are enough parking spaces available.

Catering | Drinks & Cocktails by the Association of Friends of Transylvania

The purpose of the association “Friends of Transylvania” is to preserve the traditional values of the German people in Transylvania and to promote the German language, culture and the preservation of history. The association works to revitalise cultural heritage, protect historical monuments, promote cultural and historical tourism and strengthen the national consciousness of the German minority in Romania.

Information and Review | Event Zorabia 2.0 | 04 August 2023

Prelude by the Cununa Ensemble of the Agnetheln House of Culture

The Cununa Ensemble of the Agnetheln House of Culture has a 65-year tradition and appreciates the folklore of southern Transylvania and especially of the Harbach Valley. “Romana” a medieval ballroom dance first danced at the Women’s Ball in Brasov in 1849.

Band Friends of Transylvania

The following musicians created a great atmosphere during the evening: Pictures: [2] Wolfgang Krafft (Comboband), [3] Marco Dick (Combo), [4] Fred Elst (former Schlager Taxi) , [5] Hans-Jürgen Gaber (Kassethophon), [6] Jan Elst (Combo)

Star guest RAOUL | Great atmosphere & entertainment

Raoul – one of the most popular and appreciated Romanian artists of our time! The singer, songwriter, composer, actor and TV presenter has made a name for himself through the beauty and sensitivity of the songs he composes and performs with Mirabela Dauer. For more than 23 years, Raoul has participated in over 300 international tours, proving that his beautiful songs have long crossed the Romanian border and are loved and hummed all over the world!

Information and Review | Event Zorabia | 05 August 2022

The following musicians provided the atmosphere

Neppendorf brass band

The Neppendorf brass band has a 142-year history, during which the legendary Saxon ensemble has been active without interruption, enlivening the life of Saxon communities. On 05 August they supported us with their wonderful entertainment.

Performance folk dance groups

Saxon folk dance group of the Sibiu Youth Forum: The Saxon folk dance group of the Sibiu Youth Forum was founded in 1991. It consists of 20 couples, students of the German-speaking lyceums (colleges), from Hermannstadt (Sibiu).

Transylvanian Dance Group Augsburg

The Transylvanian Dance Group Augsburg was founded in 1978 and is thus the oldest active group in the Augsburg District Group. The dance group currently has over 35 active dancers and is led by Frank Orend and Lisa Spielhaupter. Their mascot, the Augsburg Haselhörnchen, accompanies the dance group at various performances and cultural events of all kinds.