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Kerz Monastery is a former Cistercian abbey in Transylvania, Romania. It was the Cistercian monastery furthest to the southeast and was located in the village of Cârța (Kerz) near Sibiu.

Cistercian Monastery / Kerz / Transylvania

The construction of Făgăraş Castle began in 1310, over an old wooden fortification from the XII century. Century. It was built for the defence of south-eastern Transylvania against the invasion of Tartars and Turks.

Făgăraș Fortress / Făgăraș / Transylvania

The Michelsberg fortified church is located above the Transylvanian Michelsberg in the Transylvania region of Romania. The church was built between 1180 and 1280 as a three-nave Romanesque pillar basilica.

Biserica fortificată Sf Mihail din Cisnădioara / Michelsberg / Transylvania

Șura Mare is seven kilometres northeast of Sibiu. The Protestant church, built in 1238 as a three-nave Romanesque basilica with a west tower, was destroyed in the Turkish wars and later converted into a fortified church.

Evangelical Lutheran Church / Șura Mare / Transylvania

Sibiu is a city in Romania in Sibiu County and also the county capital. It is one of the centres of the Transylvanian Saxons and was European Capital of Culture in 2007 together with the city of Luxembourg.

Old Town / Sibiu / Transylvania

The Protestant fortified church dates from the 14th century. The original church is a high Gothic hall church built of quarry stone and river stone. A three-storey bell tower was built above the choir square.

Weir Church / Frauendorf / Transylvania

The fortified church of Biertan is a late Gothic fortified church in Biertan. It was built at the end of the 15th century by Transylvanian Saxons. As a Roman Catholic church at that time, it was dedicated to Mary.

Fortified Fortress / Biertan / Transylvania

Keisder Burg is a peasant castle on a hill southwest of the village, built by the Saxon inhabitants between the 14th and 15th centuries. The year 1343 is recorded on an inscription.

Saschiz Castle / Saschiz / Transylvania

Reps Castle, built in the 11th century, is the town’s landmark. High above the town on Kohalm Hill, it can be seen as a ruin from afar. It was the seat of the royal magistrate of Reps and the chair authority.

Rupea Citadel / Rupea / Transylvania

Hunedoara Castle is one of the most important secular buildings in Transylvania. The rock castle was built on the remains of a fortification on a limestone rock from the 14th century.

Hunedoara Castle / Iron Market / Transylvania

In the centre of the village lies the mighty Meschen fortified church with a still well-preserved double ring wall that encloses the late Gothic hall church built at the end of the 15th century.

Mosna Church / Meschen / Transylvania

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